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Whether you’re looking to take the next step or launch your career, you’ll find the online Master of Arts in Psychology program provides the flexible, rewarding opportunity to specialize your knowledge and training to align with advanced mental and behavioral health roles.

Carlow University’s online M.A. in Psychology program features an enriching and comprehensive curriculum that can be tailored to fit your areas of interest, whether you’re pursuing a career in substance abuse, mental and behavioral health, psychometrics, juvenile corrections or research. As part of the program, you’ll learn from accessible, expert faculty who are dedicated to your success. The faculty brings diverse perspectives and experiences that students can draw from throughout the program.

Carlow’s fully online program allows you to take online psychology courses full-time or part-time so that you can continue to meet your work and life responsibilities while completing school work.

As a student in the online M.A. in Psychology program, you’ll develop the ability to work with diverse communities and grow your research and clinical skills. Designed for real-world and practical applications, the well-rounded and career-focused curriculum will prepare you for advanced roles where you can make an immediate impact. This program is also firmly rooted in Carlow’s Sisters of Mercy mission – to develop lifelong learners who are committed to creating a just and merciful world through service and compassion to others

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Explore a Transformative Learning Experience

Led by an expert faculty, the curriculum for the online Master of Arts in Psychology is built on a foundation of advanced general and applied psychology principles while offering opportunities to develop research and clinical skills. Students can customize their experience with focus areas, including:

Assessment Psychology

Allows students to use the techniques and validated tools of the field to develop hypotheses about personality, symptoms, behavior and cognitive ability.

Forensic Psychology

Allows students to engage in theories and applications of psychology relevant to criminal and civil legal settings.

Exploration Psychology

Students to take a wider breadth of courses across multiple cluster groups to develop a unique academic path.

Treatment Psychology

Allows students to use the techniques and validated tools of the field to develop hypotheses about personality, symptoms, behavior and cognitive ability.

Therapeutic Arts Psychology

Designed for students to integrate their passion for the arts and humanities into their psychology coursework.

Online Learning at Carlow University Fits Your Life

Experience the benefits of a Carlow University education in the format that best works for you. Flexible courses delivered 100% online provide the opportunity to take classes part-time or full-time, while still developing the critical skills and experience offered by on-campus programs. Plus, with a robust support system including your student services coordinator, tech support specialist and more, you’re set up for success.

Make a Difference With Dynamic and Fulfilling Careers

The Master’s in Psychology program prepares you for careers in mental health, behavioral health, or other human service areas. There are many rewarding psychology career paths — with a median annual wage of $48,410.1 The online M.A. in Psychology provides the foundation you need to succeed.

Top 5 Careers in Psychology

  1. Training and Development Specialist
  2. Milieu Therapist
  3. Career and Academic Support Specialist
  4. Psychometrist
  5. Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder and Mental Health Clinicians

Online Education Rooted in Service to Others

Carlow University is committed to creating an environment that encourages students to contribute to a more just and merciful world. This sense of community stems from the strong ties to the University’s Sisters of Mercy mission — to develop critically thinking, ethical and compassionate lifelong learners.

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